Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Swastikas Appear at GWU

Hat tip Jew Hatred on Campus and GW Hatchet

George Washington University has been hit by swastikas drawn on a wall. Many Jewish students are not satisfied with the university's response.

"Schwartzman said a University security official did not know that swastikas have an anti-Semitic connotation when speaking to parents — a report echoed in the Washington Post."


This is par for the course. Had someone written "KKK" on the wall, the campus would have been torn upside down and a hate crime investigation launched. That is all well and good. However, a swastikas has connotations every bit as evil and hateful as "KKK" does.

This is becoming more prevalent, and it is interesting that it usually happens on-you guessed it- university campuses. A similar case happened just a couple of weeks ago at UC Davis. If we are going to have hate crime laws, then they must be pursued equally without regard to who the perpetrators or the victims are.

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