Monday, March 23, 2015

SJP at Berkeley is Playing the Victim Again

Hat tip Daily Californian

It is positively astounding how much time and energy is devoted to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict on American college campuses. So here we go again.

The UC Berkeley chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine, founded by UCB professor of Boobology, Hatem Bazian, has once again resorted to its tired old trick of putting eviction notices under dorm room doors. Once they get criticized, the cry foul. They are being picked on. People are sending them hate e-mails. They are getting death threats. None of this can be documented, of course, but if the Daily Californian doesn't print their complaints, well, it's discrimination. At any rate, it looks to me like the DC is trying to be accommodating.

As to that phone call and e-mails, it would help SJP's cause if they could provide some documentation. I infer from the article that they showed some e-mails to the DC, and the DC did not interpret them in the same threatening manner that SJP did. Threats, of course, are unacceptable and can be prosecuted. I would suggest that if they have received threatening emails and/or phone calls they should file a police report.

Here is SJP/UCB's most recent posting on this matter.

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

These guys sound like the Tea Party. Wah! We didn't get our tax exempt status and all our donors refused to give us any campaign funds... I mean public education resources...