Sunday, March 15, 2015

Omar Barghouti Speaks at University of Washington. Videotaping Banned

Time to bring in the lawyers

Hat tip Mike Report

Omar Barghouti spoke recently at the University of Washington. This polished dissembler, who masquerades as a human rights activist, usually has his events formulated as to limit the ability of his critics to bring out certain facts about his background. That includes the fog surrounding his birthplace (believed to be Qatar), where he grew up (believed to be Egypt) and how he can claim to be a native of Israel-Palestine (where he attended Tel Aviv University).

The last time Barghouti spoke at UC Irvine, (2013) the Muslim Student Union (for the umpteenth time) tried to stop me from videotaping. (I refused.) He also refused to answer my question as to where he was born. (He knew where I was going with that.)

So it was at UW, where videotaping was forbidden after much argument that resulted in campus cops being called. The Mike Report has the details.

Witnesses say Assoc. Professor Amy Hagopian tried to physically prevent videotaping of the event. Photo Credit: CUNY-TV.

With the possible caveat that Washington state laws may differ from those in California, it seems to me that a public event on a public university campus should allow videotaping as part of the First Amendment. I have recommended in my own reader comment to the Mike Report that lawyers be brought into the incident. I have also suggested they contact the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (F.I.R.E.)

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