Sunday, March 29, 2015

More on Salah Soltan

Courtesy of PJ Media, here are more details on Salah Soltan, former Muslim leader in the US, who has been sentenced to death in Egypt based on his conviction for incitement to murder.

Soltan is also a former leader of the notorious Noor mosque in Ohio, which was involved in helping the parents of apostate Rifqa Bary in getting custody of their daughter, who feared they would kill her for leaving Islam.

Equally disturbing is the video showing Soltan's son, Mohamed, who will be sentenced in April, leading an anti-Jewish chant that goes like this:

"Khaybar, Khaybar o Jew
The armies of Mohammad are returning."

This occurred in front of the Ohio state house.

Egypt is doing the world a favor. We don't need these characters back in the US, and Egypt doesn't need them either.

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