Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Interview of Marine Le Pen

In the midst of a nationwide election in France, which appears to represent another gain for the rightist Front National, their leader, Marine Le Pen was interviewed on French TV. In this segment, which has no sub-titles, she explains her position on immigration and the building of new mosques. Translation is furnished by Gallia Watch.

Also addressed in the above link is the charge of racism and anti-Semitism hurled at the FN by their critics. I won't deny it is of concern to me. I agree with Le Pen's stance on the Islamic issue, but would draw the line at racism and anti-Semitism. From what I know of her father, he crossed that line long ago. Ms. Le Pen is correct in that she would not force Muslims in France to have to worship in secret, but radical preaching in mosques and their suspicious foreign funding is a legitimate concern.

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

Good news mein feuhrer! Marine Le Pen is winning the elections for the Reichstag, I mean the French Chamber of Deputies.