Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Hillary Did Not Help Herself Today

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Nixon's Watergate "transcripts"

Watching the videotape, it was classic Hillary Clinton. She was arrogant, evasive and just plain not believable. How could she say that she never sent classified information with her personal communication accounts? How could she wait all this time after she left office before turning anything over to the State Dept.? She will not agree to turn over her correspondence to a third party investigator to verify whether her statements are true. It is simply, "Trust me." It reminds me of Richard Nixon's efforts to satisfy Congress with "transcripts" of his recorded White House conversations rather than the actual tapes. And to think that Mrs Clinton herself was an aide working on the impeachment effort.

Hillary Clinton just stands there averting her yes and says things that are clearly not true. It just staggers the imagination that this woman could be so transparently arrogant that she thinks she can get away with it. And why not? She and her husband have been getting away with it since they showed up in Washington. Furthermore, she knows that this administration and this Justice Department will not go after her. It is up to Congress to uncover the lies. Even if they do, and it is shown that Clinton broke the law and was involved in a cover-up, DOJ won't go after her, and nobody will appoint a special prosecutor. The biggest risk she faces now is political, that it could doom her presidential hopes.

She probably doesn't even see that danger.


Siarlys Jenkins said...

The biggest risk she faces now is political, that it could doom her presidential hopes.

One certainly hopes so. The thought of having to choose between Hillary and anyone who is serious about the Republican nomination is too awful to contemplate.

elwood p suggins said...

I swear, I sometimes wonder if the Clintons are even on the same page. It seems like Hillary had just finished saying that her 30,000 or so deleted personal e-mails involved Chelsea's wedding plans, her mothers' funeral arrangements, condolence cards to friends, correspondence to/from her husband, etc., when Bill is quoted as saying he had only written two (yes, 2) e-mails in his entire life, preferring to use Twitter.

I am no doubt seeing something that is not there, but given that it is fairly well-documented that they often fight like cats and dogs, it is a little curious that Bill, seemingly intentionally, sometimes says/does stuff which might actually hurt her presidential chances. Sure looks like it to me, no matter how much sense it might not make. Maybe down deep he actually wants to be the only prez in the family (with the probable exception of Chelsea). Or maybe I am just armchair psychoanalyzing or reading something into the script.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

Hillary helps herself every day... just sayin'...