Sunday, March 1, 2015

Handsome Henry Waxman Now a "Regents Professor" at UCLA

Hat tip Daily Bruin

"Tax teach me, Henry. Tax teach me."

God, I've missed Handsome Henry Waxman since he retired from Congress. But now he's back in action as a professor (of something) at UCLA.

So what is a regents hire? Hell if I know, but I'm guessing it's a special political hire since Handsome Henry doesn't have a Phd. So in a time of money crunch for the University of California, here's another questionable salary.

But he'll be easy to spot at UCLA. Just look for the ugliest guy on campus.

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Squid said...

UCLA used to be a premier university in the United States. With its anti-Semitism, having a president like Janet and a Chancellor that does nearly nothing about hatred of Jews on the campus, it is in decline. Jewish students will look elsewhere to avoid the danger and humiliation. With "Regents Professors" like Waxman, with his bias, I wonder if his classes would fill up. One wonders how much more decline UCLA will endure, until real scholars come back to the campus.