Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Fox News Report on Campus Anti-Semitism

It is not pleasant reading, but it is gratifying to note that campus anti-Semitism is getting attention from the national news outlets-at least Fox News).

A couple of comments are in order.

"Anti-Semitism is wrong and must be categorically opposed, but it cannot be confused with criticism of Israeli policies," said Sydney Levy, advocacy director for Jewish Voice for Peace, which has collegiate members much like SJP. “No state is above criticism. We support advancing Palestinian human rights by using tried-and-true tactics, such as boycotts and divestments in order to hold Israel accountable."

Jewish Voice for Peace is part of the problem. They are an anti-Israel organization that has linked hands with organizations like Students for Justice in Palestine. Thus, they (JVP) are facilitating anti-Semitism. In addition, they practice disruptive tactics, as exemplified by their disruption of Bibi Netanyahu's speech in New Orleans a few years back, and another time in in 2011 in which three speakers came to UC Irvine, where I teach part-time. Two of them clearly expressed their opinion that pro-Israel students had no right to be comfortable on campus and their opinions supporting Israel were "useless discourse".

And I can't believe that Rabbi Chaim Seidler-Feller is still in charge of Hillel at UCLA. I wonder what he has been doing in the face of all these anti-Semitic incidents at that campus.

What makes more sense to me is this column written by Nolan Lebovitz in the LA Jewish Journal and sent to me by a mutual friend.

Bottom line: The universities are not going to stand up and do the right thing until they wake up one day and see they have no Jewish students and no Jewish donors.

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