Tuesday, March 17, 2015

For Jen Psaki: Simple Question-No Answer

Every day now during the State Department briefing, DOS spokeswoman Jen Psaki is asked a simple two-part question: Can they produce the standard DOS form OF-109 for Hillary Clinton that each departing employee must sign  confirming that he or she has tuned in all classified materials to the department? Further, can they confirm that Ms Clinton has signed said document? Psaki is now saying the same thing every day. She has nothing new to report. That's because she knows that Clinton did not turn in said classified materials to the State Department when she left two years ago as required. If she signed the form, she has broken the law by filing a false statement.

This should not take more than a few minutes to research. All they have to do is go to Mrs. Clinton's personnel file and look for the document. It's probably sitting at the top of the file. It is either there or it isn't. It is either signed or it isn't. Yet every day, Ms. Psaki continues to stonewall as she prepares to move from Foggy Bottom to the White House, where she will put her stonewalling talents to good use.

*Update: Moments ago, Psaki announced that Hillary's personnel file discloses no form 109. She made a note to add that previous secretaries of state also lacked such forms in their files. (Why did they search those files and specifically which secretaries of state did not sign that form other than Powell and Rice?) As to whether secretaries of state are exempt from signing those forms, they are looking into that.


elwood p suggins said...

It would be interesting to see what Colin Powell, even though he is now an Obama supporter, and Condi Rice have to say about the absence of the document in their personnel files, if in fact it is absent in either or both.

More to come, I believe.

elwood p suggins said...

P.S.--may show just how easy it really is to change a felony (18 USC 1001, I believe) to a mere administrative oversight.