Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Deadline Shmeadline

                                                                  "Just one more wave."

So you thought tonight was the deadline for that Iran nuke deal in Switzerland, right? You were counting the hours until the stroke of midnight when John Kerry would have to get up off his knees, act like a man, knock that Iranian foreign minister on his ass and come home, right?

Sorry, but the deadline has been extended one more day. Tomorrow it will be extended another day, and another.  Make no mistake. There will be a deal and peace in our time.

And there will Nobel peace prizes all around. The head mullah and his foreign minister will get one. President Obama will set a Guinness Book of Records, uh, record with his second award. The Baroness Lady Catherine Ashton will get one as well as  that froggy  little guy we see next to Kerry-you know- the guy with the big mop of grey hair.

And what do we get?  A world that has suddenly become even more dangerous than before, if that's possible.

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