Sunday, March 8, 2015

Clinton E-Mails: The Absurd Denial by Obama

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"Germany invades Poland. Imagine that."

Thank God President Obama reads the newspapers.

This latest presidential denial doesn't pass the laugh test. Obama is claiming he only learned through the newspapers that Hillary Clinton was using a personal email account to conduct all of her official business as secretary of state.

What Obama, Josh Earnest and the White House would have us believe is that they never noticed this. Does that make sense? I guess it could if there was never any e-mail communication between Clinton and White House for four years, but that hardly makes any sense.

This reminds us of when then-President Bill Clinton was chuckling off the latest scandal by telling reporters that the first he had heard of (X scandal) was when he read about it in the papers.

Just how stupid and gullible do they think the American people are?

Don't answer that.


Siarlys Jenkins said...

Just how stupid and gullible do they think the American people are?

Don't answer that.

Well might you refrain from accepting an answer to that question. I mean, people vote Republican while vociferating support for Democratic policies. People who said Obamacare helped them a whole bunch voted to re-elect Mitch McConnell. So who knows what other gullibilites may lurk in the heart of the American electorate?

elwood p suggins said...

Obama Himself told CBS News over the weekend that it was only recently through 'news reports" (sound familiar from numerous incidents in the past??) that he learned Hillary was using a nongovernment e-mail system.
Now comes AP (on Monday) reporting that flack Josh Earnest now says that (despite what he said) Obama meant was that while he knew of her private account since he had exchanged messages with her utilizing it (probably throughout her tenure), he learned from the press that she had a privately-run server and was using it exclusively. Yet another distinction without a difference.

And I see that Siarlys is back again with a vengeance again. Wonder if he has stopped taking his meds (lithium or whatever).

Siarlys--As an aside and off topic, re our previous exchange several days ago on bacon/Tabasco sauce/worms (now way back in the dead-letter file), thank you (I think) for the compliment, but I am no "youngster". My best guess is that you are between 60-65, probably about 62-63; if I am correct in that guess I am, and for that matter always have been, considerably older than you.

Accordingly, just to show I am really a nice guy, in future discourse I will try to be like Ronald Reagan was to Walter Mondale, making every effort to not take advantage of your youth, inexperience, and naivete (and yes, even fairly frequent ignorance).

Siarlys Jenkins said...

Methimazole... a very low does once every 3-5 days. Why do you ask? I also take low dose aspirin.

If you are as old as you claim, elwood, you really ought to show more maturity in your writing.