Saturday, March 28, 2015

Another UN Condemnation of Israel

There is nothing to be added to this Fox News report in terms of exposing the irony and hypocrisy of this latest UN report that singles Israel out for condemnation for alleged human rights abuses. It is beyond absurd.

But what fills me with sadness is that this body is so anti-Jewish. It can no longer be denied with a straight face.

The largest voting bloc in the UN is the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, made up of member states that have no democracy nor any regard for human rights. Their clout comes from their oil and their use of terrorism. and it is they who have made anti-Semitism respectable again. They have exported it back to Europe, where it had lain hidden beneath the surface in shame after the Holocaust, and they are making inroads into the U.S. via academia.

What is also sad is that one reason for Israel's existence is that it was considered the only place where Jews could live free of anti-Semitism. I often hear and read the lament of many Jews that this is true. They are increasingly depressed and feeling isolated and under threat.  Can it really be true that the world is against them? If we use the UN as a measuring stick, the answer would be yes.

It is for me beyond comprehension. It is outrageous, shameful and heartbreaking.

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