Wednesday, March 25, 2015

A Letter to SF State University Regarding Anti-Semitism

Hat tip Jew Hatred on Campus

David Horowitz has written a letter to Leslie Wong, President of San Francisco State University explaining why SFSU was included on their recent Top Ten Most Anti-Semitic Universities list. I am cross-posting the letter here. The incidents mentioned in the letter has also been linked on Fousesquawk over the past year or so.

I would add that the Department of Education decided a few years ago to include religion in its interpretation of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act. The lack of religion was one of the problems cited in the fact that complaints filed against UC Irvine a few years ago on behalf of Jewish students died on the vine. The Office of Civil Rights of DOE stated that they could find no evidence of discrimination against Israeli students.

It will be interesting to read Wong's response.

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