Sunday, February 1, 2015

Which One Is a Scam?

Here are a couple of e-mails I received yesterday. See if you can guess which one is the scam. 
There may be more than one correct answer. 

Good Day. 
I Am Mrs.Michelle Obama and i am here to inform you that your funds from Porto 
Benin white house here in Washington DC is the sum of $28.900.000 twenty million 
us dollars. and the funds will be delivered to you as soon as you get back to me 
with your home address and your cell phone numbers.bear in mind that i am the 
only one that has your funds in regard to my husband Mr Barack Obama and you 
will have to pay the sum of $360.00 in Porto Novo Benin before your funds will 
be delivered to you today so get back to me with your home address. 
Regard; firstladymichelleobama@ (deleted)
Regard To Mrs. Michelle Obama 

Truth Team
Friend -- As part of OFA's Truth Team, you've probably earned a reputation as the friend who's always in the know about the hot-button issues. It's true: You're one of the best messengers we've got in this movement. So we want to try something new. From time to time, we'll send along a handful of the latest must-read news stories on the issues we work on. It's recommended reading that's easy to share. No fluff, just facts -- that's the Truth Team way. -----------    A Blueprint for Middle Class Economics by President Barack Obama-Huffington Post
America's resurgence is real. With a growing economy, shrinking deficits, bustling industry, and booming energy production, we have risen from recession freer to write our own future than any other nation on Earth. Now we have to choose what we want that future to look like. Will we accept an economy where only a few of us do spectacularly well? Or will we commit ourselves to an economy that generates rising incomes and rising chances for everyone who makes the effort?
-----------  Poll confirms that Republican Party's Obamacare Strategy is Extraordinarily unpopular -Think Progress
According to a new poll by the Kaiser Family Foundation, only 27 percent of the public agrees with the Republican leaders' strategy to take health care away from millions of Americans if they get an assist from the Supreme Court.
- Boehner to Sue Obama Again-National Journal
"Speaker John Boehner is finalizing a plan to sue President Obama again, this time over the administration's decision to grant work visas to millions of undocumented immigrants...Late last year, a federal judge threw out another, similar case, filed by Arizona's Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and an immigration activist."
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So, what do you think? I guess I could send $360 to Mrs. Barack Obama to see if it's really legit.
 If I get the 28.9 million, then I know the second one is BS. (But I know that already.)

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elwood p suggins said...

Gary--my best advice is "Don't front the money".