Friday, February 27, 2015

UCLA Instituting a Vice Chancellor For Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Hat tip Daily Bruin

It looks like the cost of doing business at UCLA is about to rise by another 6-figure salary. That's because they are creating a new vice chancellor position for "equity, diversity and inclusion".

                                                                                "Ah wunnerful, ah wunnerful, ah."

Look for another tuition or fee hike to cover the cost. Are we really to assume that minority students cannot get through 4 years of college without a vice chancellor of diversity and inclusion? How racist is that?

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ChrisLA said...

"Equity" is the new code word for the inequality of women under Islamic Sharia Law. This term was used quite often by female speakers at the recent MSA West conference. It is based on a twisted 2013 translation of Surah 2:228 by Bilal Muhammad: "But women have rights the same as the rights on them [i.e., men]according to what is equitable. But men should take a final position concerning them, and God is Exalted in Power, Wise." It isn't what Americans call "equality."