Thursday, February 12, 2015

UCI Law School and ACLU Working Against Immigration Interior Enforcement

UC Irvine's activist law school is joining forces with the ACLU in a lawsuit designed to prevent DHS from enforcement actions against illegal aliens away from the border.

This is hardly surprising, but enforcing our immigration laws (which last time I checked was our sovereign right) entails more than just putting Border Patrol officers at the border. Interior enforcement is a vital part of that effort since we have millions of illegal aliens roaming around virtually all parts of our country.

In addition, there are millions of illegal aliens from many part of the world who came to this country on legitimate visas and never returned after those visas expired. They are not walking around the southern border, you know.

Nobody wants to see American citizens hassled or legal immigrants taken into custody unlawfully, but the above article does not mention the legal status of the woman who was picked up and later released.

Long years of experience have taught us that this is what we can expect from the ACLU. However, I find it disturbing that a university law school is using its students and tax-payer funded faculty and staff to work against the enforcement of our laws.  Disturbing but not surprising.

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