Monday, February 9, 2015

UC Students Pass Another (Yawn) BDS Resolution

Hat tip Truth Revolt

It seems these days that student governments in our universities have little else to do than pass periodic resolutions calling for their respective schools to divest from companies that do business with Israel. Next thing you know they will be calling on the universities to re-invest those interests with ISIS. Here is the latest from the University of California Students  Association. Apparently, they want to divest with any company that does business with America as well.

I am getting the impression that much like "The Bachelor", these movements have to get more outrageous to hold the public's attention.

And do we detect a touch of racism creeping into the movement as well?

Despite the title of the above piece, It seems that the young lady in question was implying that the anti-divestment forces she sees on campus are "too white or too rich". I did not see those actuall words in her quotes, but the implication sure seems there. At any rate, there is no questioning the division that the BDS movement is causing on our campuses-at least among those students who care about the issue. I doubt that most do.

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Findalis said...

Have they given up their cellphones and computers yet? The chips are made in Israel you know.