Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Latest Horrific Event in Syria Which Has Nothing to do With Islam

Get ready for more "refugees"

Savage: The bloodthirsty crowd is seen being unleashed on the men, surging forward and raining down kicks, punches and beatings with whatever objects are close at hand

News item: The Obama administration is going ahead with plans to bring thousands of Syrian "refugees" to the US. How we will separate the good from the bad is anybody's guess. How many of these people will be Christians I have no idea. My guess is not that many.

Here is the latest atrocity out of Syria where ISIS turned three prisoners over to a huge mob that beat them to death and dragged their bodies through the streets. Of course, it had nothing to do with Islam. Lack of jobs, I imagine.

How much you want to bet that some of these "refugees" will turn out to be terrorists that will attack us on our own soil?

Remember those tens of thousands of Somali refugees we brought here in the 90s? That didn't turn out so well. Many have returned to Africa to hook up with al Shabaab. And just today we hear about this 19-year-old Somali "success story" from Minneapolis who was charged for trying to hook up with ISIS.

And remember the Brothers Tsarnaev of Boston Marathon fame? Refugees from Daghestan.

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