Monday, February 2, 2015

Sunday's Bizarro Superbowl

No doubt about it: It was a truly bizarro super bowl Sunday.

No, I'm not talking about that bizarro catch that Jermaine Kearse made on the 5 yard line in the last minute. Nor am I talking about that bizarro call for a pass at the 1/2 yard line that was intercepted by the Patriots to seal the victory. I'm not even talking about the bizarro half-time show where Katie (or is it Katy?) Perry rode out onto the field on some kind of  Trojan horse. Here is what I think was bizarre: Did you see that NFL public service announcement during the game-you know the one about domestic violence?

"Yeh, Ah did."

Then surely you remember when shortly after the interception, a real domestic brawl broke out between the two teams. It was a real donnybrook. For a minute I thought all 80,000 fans were going to run onto the field and join in the melee, kinda like those super bowl half time shows. Now that was a real public service announcement!

Then there was this: Later that night, ex-NFL star and broadcaster  Warren Sapp was arrested in a Phoenix hotel room for assault against two "escorts".

So here is what is really bizarro. Where does the NFL get off lecturing all of us out in TV land about domestic violence? Is this part of their PR in the wake of the Ray Rice incident elevator ?


If that's the case, it is time to stop insulting our intelligence. We don't need to see football players play acting on a TV screen, gulping for words, pretending to be choked up, and saying, "No more." The hypocrisy is too overwhelming.

No more.


Squid said...

Gary, you said "a real domestic brawl broke out between the two teams". Wrong, it was a clear case of "workplace violence". Just ask Janet.



Gary Fouse said...

Exactamundo, Squid. Good thing a terrorist attack didn't happen. They would be lamenting the excessive violence in sports.

Findalis said...

Didn't watch the game until the last 2 minutes. It took 15 minutes to play 2 minutes and they were the only ones that counted.