Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Somalis in Seattle Want Teacher Fired Over Cartoons

Hat tip Daily Caller

Getty Images, image courtesy of Alex Garland of The Seattle Globalist

Sorry, Lady, but it is indeed.

It has been a very bad week in Seattle. Here is the latest from Latteville. It seems that a group of Somali immigrants don't like the lessons on free speech American style that they are getting in Seattle's schools. They want a teacher fired because she showed her students images of Mohammad cartoons that sparked the Paris attack on the office of Charlie Hebdo.

Hopefully, these folks will become educated in the meaning of free speech, not Somali style, but American style.


Anonymous said...

What if her (the lady in the picture) sign offends me? I guess we need to arrest her.

(I do find it offensive, as I find threats to the 1st Amendment to be pretty awful.)

Findalis said...

Or we can send the Somalis back to the hellhole they came from and they can riot all they want.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

Well, did the teacher show the cartoons in order to explain and document what happened? Or for shock value, like the dirty old man who would show porn when he could get away with it?

Could be either one. The response should be entirely different, depending on which it was.

Gary Fouse said...


I'll bet it was the former.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

This isn't a betting matter Gary. I'm looking for data, not for anyone's guess. It may well have been the former, and if so, he was doing his job, properly. But its worth asking.