Thursday, February 5, 2015

More Marches in Germany Against the Islamization of Europe

Hat tip Revoltes en Europe

The PEGIDA marches have spread all over Germany. On February 2, the Bavarian branch (BAGIDA) marched in Munich protected by hundreds of police. The French blog, Revoltes en Europe, has the reports.

In addition, the Austrian branch also marched in Vienna.

And in the German city of Duisburg.


Anonymous said...

Unemployed Neo-Nazi's???

Gary Fouse said...

They are not neo-Nazis. They are matching against the real neo-Nazis-the Islamists. When they result to violence, get back to me and we can discuss it.

Anonymous said...

Actually Mr. Fouse the founder of PEGIDA (Lutz Bachmann) resigned after pictures of him posing as Hitler and as a member of the KKK were found.

Kathrin Oertel, formerly the official Spokeswoman for PEGIDA, recently resigned due the the massive amounts of Neo-Nazi's and Hooligans that had taken over PEGIDA and its sister organizations like LEGIDA.

Wise Up Fouse. Stop Drinking the Jewish Kool-Aid.

Gary Fouse said...


Wise up yourself. I know all about Bachmann's resignation. In any large scale demonstrations, you can't always control who shows up.

When I see PEGIDA engaging in violent demonstrations, I will reassess them. All I see now are peaceful demonstrations urging Germans to exercise their votes to get rid of politicians who have sold them out. As such, I will support any group that lawfully resists the islamization of their countries.

Of course, you end by throwing in your anti-Jewish screed. That's why you remain anonymous, you coward.

Anonymous said...

Hey Other Anon,

I find your post odd. You are calling other people Neo-Nazis (I don't know enough if they are or not) and then you bring up Jews out of the blue implying Gary is a puppet of the Jews.

I find that really odd.

Gary Fouse said...

Excellent point Anonymous #2. I will surmise that Anon # 1 is a very confused person.