Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Jonathan Gruber Fired From Massachusetts Health Exchange Board

Jonathan "The Genius" Gruber may think the rest of us simple Americans are stupid, but it seems the world is crashing in on him pretty fast. Now comes word that he has been fired from his position on the Massachusetts health exchange board. No reasons given as yet.

Maybe it has something to do with a similar problem he has in Vermont, which had also hired him to fix their health insurance issues. They are now investigating the possibility that Gruber inflated his charges specifically for the work hours of his staff-which reportedly consisted of one person.

"Gruber submitted two consecutive invoices in September and October claiming the exact same figures — 100 hours for Gruber at $500 per hour, and 500 hours for his research assistants at $100 per hour. Only one research assistant worked on the project, according to the auditor's report."

One research assistant worked 500 hours in September and 500 hours in October? Now I am not so good at figures, but the way I break it down, there are 720 hours in September and 744 hours in October, right? It appears that research assistant worked an average of 16-17 hours every day, right?
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That's one hell of a research assistant.

(If my figures are right, of course. I'm not as smart as Jonathan Gruber.)

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