Tuesday, February 3, 2015

#BlackLivesMatter Gains Steam on Campus

Hat tip The College Fix and the New University

It seems that at the University of Wisconsin, it pays to disrupt. Maybe they think that badger is supposed to be a verb and not the name of an animal.

"The protests have been so raucous that administrators recently pledged to launch a wide variety of diversity initiatives and training to appease the angry students."

Meanwhile at UC Irvine, the administration is also shaking in their boots over the #Blacklivesmatter protests. At a recent meeting, one young lady proclaimed that UCI hates her (because she is black). Below are two articles from the UCI New University campus paper.

"Anti-blackness". That is the latest buzz word on college campuses.

Never mind that until last year, the chancellor at UCI was black (Michael Drake-now president of Ohio State), and that UCI currently has a black vice chancellor for student affairs.

Here is my point: If you are a black student at a prestigious school like UC Irvine, you are hardly at risk. At risk are those young people in the inner cities who are dropping out of school, getting involved in drugs and gangs, and having kids out of wedlock-who will also be at risk. Those are the ones we need to be concerned about.

As for grievances against black students, what specifically are they? Are they being harassed and assaulted on campus? Are they being beat up on campus? Are they getting bad grades they don't deserve from racist teachers? I do not see UCI as being hostile to black students, and I have been on campus for 17 years.

As usual universities are consumed with all the wrong issues. College students are hardly victims, but so many are told that they are and all too willing to believe it. Where are the professors and administrators who teach our youth that anybody can make it in America if they put their minds to it? As for the sense of victimhood, it tends to be a self-fulfilling prophesy.


Squid said...

Regarding the #Blacklivesmatter protests. If students are so concerned about Black lives, why don't they protest at the Planned Parenthood centers.


Findalis said...

Or the gang violence that happens every day and kills scores of black children each year.

It is only Black Gangster lives that matter.