Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Ashton Carter's Swearing in Ceremony: Is There Any Symbolism Here?

Yesterday, Ashton Carter was sworn in as Secretary of Defense by Joe Biden, who apparently took a liking to Mrs. Carter. In fact, if you read into this photo, you might suspect that Joe was whispering some sweet nothings into Mrs Carter's ear while poor old Ashton was distracted giving his acceptance speech.

Vice President Joe Biden was seen getting a little too close to Stephanie Carter on Tuesday as her husband, Ashton Carter, makes remarks after being sworn in as U.S. Secretary of Defense.
"Howz about you and me slipping upstairs?" 

Hopefully, Mr Carter will be more observant as secretary of defense. If not, he will be following in the footprints of his predecessor, the hapless Chuck Hagel, not to mention the current head of DHS, Jeh Johnson, and his own predecessor Janet Napolitano.

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