Monday, February 2, 2015

Armed Insurgents and Terrorists According to the Administration

For some reason, the Obama administration has a real problem using the word, "terrorist". A week ago, White House spokeshole Josh Earnest was asked if the Taliban was a terrorist organization. The best he could do was call them an "armed insurgency" and a "dangerous organization" (kind of like the Chicago Cubs when they occasionally make the playoffs).

Days later, the Taliban killed three American contractors in Afghanistan.

Now watch as State Department wordsmith Jen Psaki handles the same question on Friday. When asked by one reporter if she was concerned about similar incidents happening again and again, her answer is, ""I'm not going to address your question."

Now let's switch to the mountains of Afghanistan, where a Taliban spokesman is holding a news conference.

Q : "Do you consider the US to be an imperialist, colonialist, infidel force?"

A: "Well, clearly the US is engaged in activities that are quite concerning to us, but that's a different classification from what you would label as imperialist, colonial, or infidel. As Mullah Omar clearly stated on September 21 (sound of pages turning), We would prefer to let the processes play out..................."

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