Sunday, February 1, 2015

Are UCLA Professors Who Question Diversity Requirement Being Targeted?

Hat tip The College Fix

That's the question posed by The Campus Fix after a group of UCLA professors signed a petition that a new requirement for incoming students to take a ethnic culture course be voted on by the full faculty.

This is hardly surprising given the atmosphere at the Peoples' University at Westwood, but I would add one small caveat. Whenever I sign my name to something, I have no expectation nor desire that it be kept secret. I would have gladly signed the petition, and if anyone tried to give me any grief over it, I would have given them the middle finger.

It would not surprise me if these professors were hit with some mandatory sensitivity refresher course for punishment. They may even see some nit-wit students with signs try to picket their class. I hope they have a plan to deal with the numb skulls.

No pun intended.

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