Sunday, February 22, 2015

Another Embarrassment for Sweden

Hat tip Breitbart

In a recent interview, Isaac Bachman the Israeli ambassador to Sweden, was asked by a reporter if Jews bear some responsibility for the raging anti-semitism in Europe.

This is the same argument the Nazis used in Germany when they were boycotting Jewish business in April 1933, passing the Nuremberg laws in September 1935 and then murdering the Jews during World War II. But I guess it's easy for modern-day Swedes not to know that period of history since they sat out World War II (and even allowed the Germans to use their territory to supply occupation troops in Norway).

Does Ms Helena Groll think that Jews are responsible for the harassment and intimidation they receive in Malmo, Sweden's third-largest city, at the hands of Muslim immigrants-who when they aren't  persecuting Jews while Swedes cover their eyes- are rioting in the streets and burning cars?

Bachman used the analogy of a rape victim bearing responsibility for her rape. Ironic since Sweden is also turning a blind eye to the rape epidemic in their country courtesy of Muslim immigrants.

Swedes should hang their heads in shame at the society they have allowed to grow and fester in the name of their much-desired multi-culturalism. Swedish Jews, much like French Jews, are leaving the country in droves. And this woman has the audacity to ask such a question.

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