Wednesday, February 18, 2015

A Stabbing in Detroit Area

Today the LA chapter of the Council on Islamic American Relations (CAIR) put out a big alert to its community warning them of possible hate crime attacks against them because of what's happening in the Middle East. They briefly refer to unspecified threats.

Fine. I don't want to see American Muslims attacked or threatened either. Of course, I take anything CAIR says with a grain of salt, and I wonder if there really have been any threats.

However, we did have an attack in Southfield, Michigan last Saturday that involved a Muslim man stabbing two men whom he had asked if they were Muslims and who answered in the negative.

Not a surprise that CAIR's Michigan director Dawud Walid pooh-poohed the attack. I wonder if he would be so nonchalant if two Muslims had been stabbed by a man after asking them if they were Muslim.

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elwood p suggins said...

Same ol' one-way street seems to run throughout the country.