Saturday, January 31, 2015

When Will We Stand up to Iran?

This article was originally posted in Eagle Rising.

The latest flap over the Congressional speaking invitation to Bibi Netanyahu is just one reason we need to question why Western leaders are not standing up to Iran. The White House is miffed and will not even meet with Netanyahu when he is in Washington for the address. This comes at a time when President Obama is promising to veto any bill Congress sends him placing additional sanctions on the terror-sponsoring regime in Teheran.

Instead, Obama prefers to continue his fool's errand of joining with his inept European partners, like Catherine Ashton, head of EU Foreign Affairs, in negotiating with a regime that can never be trusted to shut down its nuclear program. Netanyahu understands the threat clearly, and that is why he has been invited to speak before Congress-much to the anger and consternation of the WH.

As we speak, Iran is effectively in charge of the capitals of 4 Arab nations, Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Lebanon, yet, Obama sees no need to confront them.

Add to that the recent murder of an Argentine prosecutor who was investigating the 20-year-old bombing of a Jewish center in Buenos Aires, in which figures from the Iranian government were implicated. Over 80 people died. The prosecutor, Alberto Nisman was charging that the current Argentine government under Cristina Kirschner, was conspiring with Iran to keep the issue under wraps in exchange for Iranian oil and over trade agreements. The day he was supposed to testify in front of the Argentine Congress, he was killed.

Iran is an existential threat to every country in the region, most prominently Israel, which the mullahs vow to destroy. If they get that nuclear weapon, they will use it-even if they know they will also be obliterated in response. They are that crazy.

And here is what is really scary. Most experts predict that by the time Obama leaves office, they will have it.


Siarlys Jenkins said...

Inviting a foreign head of state to visit the USA is the prerogative of the State Department, period. The congressional leadership has gone to the very edge of the prohibition against accepting honors from any foreign state in its ill considered temper tantrum.

elwood p suggins said...

Are they as close to the edge as is Obama in some of his various executive actions?? I think not.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

Name one.

elwood p suggins said...

When even an ultra-left guy like Jonathon Turley maintains that Obama has not only approached but crossed the line, and has abused his constitutional authority, it tells you something. Take your pick of many. Immigration/amnesty would be a prime example.

Perhaps Ted Cruz said it best. If Obama's conduct/behavior is proper, then could not a future president, for example, legitimately declare that no matter what the law says, the top marginal Federal income tax would be 25%?

Or, that Federal labor laws/regulations relative to the minimum wage applied only to one/some, but not all, of the States, which could then pay less than the Federally established rate??

I do not believe that can be the case, which is why I believe that Obama is acting inappropriately in several instances.