Saturday, January 17, 2015

Vanderbilt Controversy Over Op-ed by Professor

Vanderbilt University Professor Carol Swain has written a piece in The Tennessean that is critical of Islam. She has become convinced that Islam is a danger to all of us and is incompatible with Western civilization. As a result, a Pakistani student has complained to the university about Swain's speech. Her letter has been published in the Vanderbilt Hustler. The College Fix has the report.

I assume the young student is a perfectly nice lady who would never harm anyone. Certainly, her feelings are hurt. Her letter is very eloquent. But darn it, she should understand that the world cannot simply remain silent especially when our own citizens are being murdered in Western nations. We cannot be stopped from exercising our right to free speech and to express our fears and our anger at what is taking place-not just in places like Pakistan Iraq, Syria or Nigeria, but in our own countries as well.

The last thing I would want to see if this young lady being shunned by Americans or insulted. We want all of our foreign visitors to return home and speak well of American hospitality. However, until the terror, madness and persecution ceases, Islam is going to be a hot topic of conversation.

I hope Vanderbilt does not take any punitive action against Professor Swain. She has exercised her right of expression in an off-campus newspaper. This story bears watching.

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