Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The "Deep Thinkers" of Hamas

Hat tip MEMRI and Truth Revolt

Julius Streicher                                       Iyad abu Funun
"The Jews...."                                          "The Jews....."

You gotta hand it to these clerics affiliated with Hamas. They are deep thinkers in the grand tradition of Julius Streicher. (For all you UC Santa Cruz Community Studies and History of Consciousness majors, Streicher was the political leader of Nuremberg (Franconia) under the Nazis and the editor of the anti-Semitic rag, Der Stuermer. Streicher used to strut around town with a horse whip in his hand. He was hanged after the war.)

Now comes this mope- a Muslim cleric named Sheikh Iyad abu Funun, who explains to us on Hamas TV exactly why Hitler committed genocide against the Jews.

Streicher also fancied himself as a scholar when it came to the Jews. He had a whole library chock full of filthy literature that "exposed" all the perceived sins of the Jews. He used to give speeches on this stuff-just like abu Funun. After the war, when the major Nazi leaders were rounded up and taken to Nuremberg to stand trial, they gave IQ tests to all the defendants. Guess who got the lowest score.

You guessed it: Streicher. And guess what his pre-Nazi profession was.  Schoolteacher. This guy was so perverted that even the Nazis were disgusted by him. Eventually, they persuaded Hitler to force him into retirement. His co-defendants wouldn't even speak to him during the trial. After listening to abu Funun, I see a lot of similarities.

I wonder what abu Funun's IQ is.

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Findalis said...

I expect the left to parrot this cry very soon. Not only is the whole Arab problem the fault of the Jews, but so is income inequality, race relations and the shooting of Michael Brown.