Saturday, January 31, 2015

The Courage of Kenji Goto

Kenji Goto

It appears as of this writing that Kenji Goto has become the second Japanese journalist beheaded by the animals of ISIS. Add Japan to the list of nations that has awakened to the reality of ISIS and their deadly ideology.

Goto was an experienced war correspondent who left the safety of his home and traveled to Syria to try and win the release of fellow journalist Haruna Yukawa. What remarkable courage shown by this man who apparently has been killed in a horrific and cowardly manner.

Now the world awaits the fate of the Jordanian pilot who was captured by ISIS. Jordan, while willing to trade a convicted female terrorist, has insisted on proof of life for its captured pilot. The country has also issued a statement that if the pilot is killed, they will speed up executions of their own terrorist prisoners.

Eventually, the entire civilized world is going to have to come together and destroy this cancer upon the world stage. Ideally, the Arab governments in the region would lead the way. If not, the Western powers will have to do it. Either way, these are animals and must be exterminated like the cockroaches that they are.

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