Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Some US Senators Are Shocked to Learn of Saudi Barbarism

A flogging and a beheading

It seems that some US senators are shocked-shocked (and dismayed too)  to learn that Saudi Arabia engages in some pretty barbaric practices. One example is flogging a blogger who has criticized some of the country's religious laws.

Well, if they think that's barbaric, maybe they should try this on for size. In the below video filmed just days ago, a Burmese woman is beheaded on a public street after being convicted of murder. She screams her innocence and struggles against her executioner until her screams are silenced by the sword.

Warning: This is graphic and disturbing. (Hat tip Shoebat)

Let me add a couple of points: I support the death penalty for murder, and if the charges were true against this woman, I would not argue the point. The Saudis will also tell you that this form of public execution is a deterrent against this type of crime. That may well be true, but it's hard not to conclude that what is shown on this video is barbaric.

If I wanted, I could post these kinds of videos of beheadings all day long, judicial, extra-judicial, or otherwise.  After some thought, I decided to go ahead with this one-not for sensational effect, but to educate. This is why we argue that certain things are better not being imported to the West.

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Squid said...

President Obama needs to go to Saudi Arabia and talk to the King about this barbarian, 1500 year old Sharia practice. But only after he greets the King by bowing to him.