Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Saudi Imam's Lunacy

Hat tip MEMRI TV

President Obama and Michelle dropped in to Saudi Arabia on their way home from India to sign the guest book for King Abdullah, who died a few days ago. Too bad they didn't get there a few days earlier so they could have hopped over to Jedda and heard the sermon from Imam Issa Assiri. MEMRI TV has the video. In this stirring sermon, ISSA opines on the Paris attacks as the only language that Christians and Jews understand. He also "sheds light" on the discovery of America,

Here's a hint: America was discovered by Muslims.

I can't wait until our State Department gives this crackhead a visa to come here and preach this stuff in some US mosque.

You laugh.


Squid said...

Wow! "America was discovered by Muslims." Obama may have to swap out the Stars and Strips for the Crescent Moon flag. Or, has he already done so?


Findalis said...

And I thought America was discovered by Ug the Caveman 30,000 years before the birth of the pedophile.

My mistake.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

America was discovered by Japanese fishermen, and possibly by a Chinese fleet as well.

Squid... last I looked, every flagpole still flies the Stars and Stripes... is it not so in your vicinity?

elwood p suggins said...

Findalis--I thought that was Ug Ug the Apeman.

Squid said...

@ Siarlys,

Fortunately, the Stars and Strips still flies on local flagpoles.
As for the discovery of America, I offer a very abbreviated story learned at an exclusive gathering of the "Adventurers' Club" (I was a guest). It appears that the discovery of America was no big undertaking, as described by a fellow Adventurer. In his presentation, unsuspecting transatlantic adventures happened to fisherman and others over a thousands years prior to the Vikings and Columbus. The claim was backed up by carbon dated artifacts from Europe. So, there were a lot of folks here in America before the discovery of the "New World"


Siarlys Jenkins said...

Not only that, Squid, but for three hundred years after Columbus's voyage, nobody really paid much attention or even remembered him. Everyone knew that he was one of many. It was when the infant American republic was looking for heroes and deep historical roots (a tall order when your country is only 10-20 years old) that some literati concocted the myth of Columbus's brave voyage to make the world safe for democracy. Or maybe Islam, I guess. Their Most Catholic Majesties must have had Moorish blood, but they concealed it in order to take the thone and send Muslims to discover Jamaica.