Monday, January 12, 2015

Reza Aslan Blames the French

Hat tip Real Clear Politics and Campus Watch

"They make fun of Muslims for a very specific reason to sort of show, or maybe demonstrate, that look if you maybe want to be in this country, if you want to be in France, then you have to deal with the French values, you have to rid yourself of your own values, ideals, norms, and you have to take on French values."
-Reza Aslan

Reza Aslan is a professor at the University of California at Riverside and a self-styled intellectual. Born into a Muslim Iranian-American family, he left Islam for awhile to flirt with Christianity then returned to the fold. Then he wrote a book on Jesus Christ for some reason as if he could add something to the discussion of the man Christians worship as the Son of God. (Muslims accept Jesus as one in a line of Prophets that ended with Mohammed, but do not believe he (Jesus) was the Son of God.

Now Aslan shows up on CNN telling Don Lemon that the French can't seem to figure out who they are. (Doe she know who he is?) Aslan also seems to criticize the French for wanting immigrants to accept French values.

News flash to Aslan: That's also what we Americans expect of our immigrants. In fact, any country that accepts immigrants has the right to expect them to assimilate. But this man who oozes arrogance (I have seen him speak in person), seems to have a problem with that idea. Does he think that the host country should conform itself to the cultures and values of its immigrants?

What Aslan will not accept of the French is that it matters not if immigrants are black or brown. What matters is their beliefs and their conduct. Muslims are free to worship God in their own way without bothering anybody. What they are not free to do is murder people out of their beliefs. yes, the French get angry when some 1,000 cars are burned every New Years Eve. Yes, they get made when hundreds of Muslims take over sidewalks and close off streets so they can hold their Friday prayers. Yes, they get mad at the riots and the violent crimes. So do other Europeans who are having the same problems.

If Aslan thinks the French have a problem with multi-culturalism, does he think such problems exist in France with their Southeast Asian immigrants (Vietnamese etc.) When do you hear of Vietnamese riots in France? There may not be many Latin Americans in France, but is there a problem with them? Of course not.

It seems Aslan, like many other Muslims, is incapable of looking in the mirror and saying, "What is it we are doing wrong?"

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