Saturday, January 3, 2015

Remember Libya? Persecution of Christians Continues.

Hat tip The Blaze

 * The above symbol is the Arabic character for N. In the fighting in Iraq and Syria, it has been used by ISIS to symbolize "Nazarene". The symbol has been painted on Christian homes to identify them. It has now been adopted by Middle Eastern Christians in the US to bring attention to the persecution of Christians in the Middle East.

You remember Libya, don't you? That was the country we sort of helped liberate from Muammar Ghaddafi (leading from behind). That was where our consulate in Benghazi was attacked and four Americans were killed. Well, in case you forgot about Libya, here is what just happened. Gunmen have kidnapped 13 Coptic Christians after identifying them and separating them from Muslims.

The persecution of Christians by Muslims continues in the Middle East.

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