Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Obama's Dream World

-Mad Magazine

"The shadow of crisis has passed...."

I won't try to compete with the pundits in breaking down President Obama's speech last night, but a couple of things really stand out.

1 How can this guy-given the results of the last election- say in one breath that he wants to pursue common purpose with Republicans and in the next breath threaten to veto multiple bills they send his way?

2 Isn't it amazing how he trumpets his record in Afghanistan and Iraq (withdrawing American forces) given what has happened to the latter since our withdrawal and the fact that he has basically left the former to be re-taken by the Taliban? And in case you missed the news flash yesterday, Yemen, now the new hot spot with al Qaeda, has seen its capital overrun, the presidential palace taken, and its president-Obama's ally- taken prisoner by terrorists.

3 And in the wake of Obama's "diplomatic coup" restoring relations with Cuba, a Russian spy ship has just sailed into Havana harbor bursting with antennai in time for high level US-Cuba talks.

"Ah wunnerful, ah wunnerful, ah."

Even Chris Matthews and the mad-hatters at MSNBC were not impressed.

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Squid said...

It is quite easy to see what the POTUS is doing if one is not one of the "Useful idiots" that Lenin and Jonathan Gruber refer to when preaching to them. As one blogger put it: Obama is a lier.
First, the readers need to read Radical-in-Chief by Stanley Kurtz. This book clues the unknowing into what Obama really is. He is a radical and expect him to continue to lead the country down the path of Socialism. In addition, Obama is a closet Muslim and I will not elaborate as I have described this man in earlier comments. Just look at Iran, as he gives into less restrictions which provide time for Iran to develop nukes. He will release a total of 11 billion dollars to Iran in the next year. He has already given millions. When Iran nukes Israel, Obama will just say he made a mistake, as he did with the "je sues Charlie" Paris snub.
Climate change and global warming is a redistribution of wealth scam, period. Obama and Gore tried to get a carbon exchange going in Chicago (CCX) in order to make billions of dollars. It failed, but he is now doing the sam thing with government at core of this thrust. Real scientists reject this warming claim by fraudulent scientists on the take for grants university chairs and perhaps their jobs at NASA and NOAA. I wondered why NASA and NOAA came out last week with a warming warning. It was done in order for the POTUS to push his climate agenda.
The following are some interesting posts that will help the reader understand the President's scams and lies.‬‬