Monday, January 5, 2015

New Twist in the Marquette Suspension of a Professor

Hat tip College Insurrection and Marquette Warrior

The ghost of Professor John McAdams is haunting Marquette.

"Hi. I'm not a ghost. I really am Dr McAdams."

The case of Marquette University professor John McAdams gets stranger and stranger. McAdams was relieved of his teaching duties after criticizing a graduate teaching asst. (on his personal blog) who muzzled a student who didn't agree with gay marriage. He cannot even step onto the campus without getting permission from university officials. However, Marquette says that it has not suspended McAdams because he is still drawing his pay and benefits while the matter is under review.

Here is an update from McAdams' blog, Marquette Warrior. He is being represented by the Wisconsin Institute of Law and Liberty.

OK. So he's suspended with pay. But if you are relieved of your teaching duties and can't set foot on campus without permission, it sure looks like a suspension to me.

Stay tuned.

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