Sunday, January 4, 2015

Jim Clapper's Playoff Lock of the Week

Hey there, sports fans. It's Jimbo Clapper here with your playoff lock of the week. This weekend, I'm picking the Lions-Cowboys game for my prediction. That's because, of course, the Cardinals-Panthers and the Ravens-Steelers games are completed and it's already halftime  at Indianapolis. In addition, I've been busy keeping the President and Vice President up to date and informed about North Korea's latest moves. I'm sure you all understand.

For some inside scoop, I'm taking you to one of my top inside sources in Dallas. Come in, Mistie.

"Well, Jim, I talked to Coach Garrett, and I asked him what he needs his team to do to win this game. He told me that they need to play smash mouth football, stop the Lions' run attack, shut down the passing attack plus run and pass the ball effectively themselves. Back to you, Jimbo."

Thanks, Mistie. Fans, in this game, I'm giving the Lions the road edge. I think it'll be a low-scoring affair with lots of defense.

Lions 1
Cowboys 0

*Update: What happened?

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