Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Holocaust Memorial Day

Hat tip Honest Reporting

Today is Holocaust Memorial Day and my contribution here is posting what I consider to be Irish pundit Pat Condell's finest video piece to date. In this video he reminds us that European Jews are facing their greatest threat since the days of Adolf Hitler and puts the blame right where it belongs. First of all it is the European Muslim immigrants who are stoking the fires. Secondly, it is the cowardly Europeans who are turning a blind eye to it all.

But lest you readers think that Pat's eloquent words will carry the day in Europe, here is your daily bucket of cold water:

The BBC is marking Holocaust Remembrance Day with a poll on its The Big Questions site:

"Is the time coming to lay the Holocaust to rest?"

Amazing. We still have Holocaust survivors-to say nothing of their children-living among us. I Dare say we still have Holocaust perpetrators living among us. Yet, the BBC has the gall to raise this question. Do they really believe that such a thing could never happen again given what we see in Europe and the Middle East? Condell reminds us that the terrorists of Hamas in Gaza call for the destruction of not just Israel but Jewry in their charter. Not because of Israel, but because the call to kill Jews-not Israelis-but Jews- runs throughout their scripture.

What is happening to Jews today in Europe is testament to the hate that too many Muslims (not all) hold for Jews combined with the utter cravenness of too many Europeans.

Pat Condell excepted.

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Findalis said...

The minute the world decides to forget the horrors is the minute they start to round up Jews for the next round. That is why the BBC and other liberals want to forget the murders.