Thursday, January 22, 2015

Hatem Bazian's "Explanation" for Islamic Terror

Hat tip Campus Watch

Our old friend, UC Berkeley Professor Hatem Bazian is currently Campus Watch's Howler of the Month for his latest piece in The Turkey Agenda. In the below article he repeats the standard talking points: He condemns the terrorist acts being conducted around the world in the name of Islam and insists it has nothing to do with Islam. The perpetrators are misguided about Islam, says Bazian. Then he goes on to blame the West with his references to colonialism and "Islamophobia". (Bazian is the founder of the Islamophobia Research and Documentation Center at UC Berkeley. You talk about the "Islamophobia Industry")

Having never heard of the Turkey Agenda, I decided to explore other articles appearing in their latest issue. The below piece on where to draw the line on freedom of speech stood out. Note the photo of Muslim protesters in Europe with their signs proclaiming that anyone who insults Islam should be beheaded. (I have posted that same picture many times.) The Turkey Agenda uses it without any context or condemnation. Do they approve of those signs? I must assume they do.

Freedom of Speech: Where to Draw the Line

Sorry, Turkey Agenda. The world can't stop talking about the horrors that are going on especially when they come to our shores. We will not blame or victimize innocent Muslims. However, you cannot silence free speech as long as it does not urge violence or denial of human or civil rights. We understand what the limits are (at least in the US). You, on the other hand, don't understand freedom of speech in the West. You want to impose your own restrictions on it. Our political leaders will not last in office if they try to impose your rules.

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

I don't suppose it would sound quite right to respond "Behead those who can't take a joke."