Friday, January 16, 2015

Golden Penguin Not Enough: Al Sharpton Wants an Oscar

2014 Fousesquawk Jerk of the Year

"What are you wearing, Al?"

Al Sharpton is not content with just having won the Golden Penguin as the 2014 Fousesquawk Jerk of the Year. He now has set his sights on an Oscar.

Reverend Al has called an "emergency summit" meeting to address the fact that no black actors are nominated for an academy award in next week's masked ball in Hollywood.

I smell a transfer of $$$$ here for the National Action Network.

But by all means, Al, knock yourself out. I suggest you not only picket the Oscars; I suggest you lead your forces right through the door and barge into the ceremony itself. Take over the stage. Grab the microphone. Lecture the crowd for three hours about white privilege. And guess what: They'll take it. Neil Patrick Harris will stand up there with you and say, "You're right, Al."

Jennifer Lawrence will be swept off her feet.

Out in the audience some bubble-haired blond actress will wring her hands

Al will be invited to all the Apres le Oscar parties.

Back in Washington, Eric Holder will launch an investigation into Hollywood's racist practices. President Obama will weigh in.

Yes, by all means, Al. We need to see you walking down Hollywood Blvd. chanting,

"No Oscars-no peace!"


Squid said...

With Al, it is all a skin game, that will set up the flow of money to him. Maybe he could pay off his four million dollar bill to the IRS. Why is Al not in jail for his IRS tax evasion?
There are a lot of great movies out this Oscar year. I saw some of them and found that I did not waste my money. It is good directing, screen plays, acting, sound, editing, costuming, special effects and more that makes a movie. These factors are what the judges use to grade a picture, not skin color.


elwood p suggins said...

Just thinking, which usually gets me in trouble. If Big Al's concerns relative to the underrepresentation of blacks in the earth-shakingly important Academy Awards is legitimate, then why, oh why, is it not equally legitimate for a white person, say, to worry about the essentially identical underrepresentation of whites in, say, the major professional/collegiate sports programs (basketball for sure, football, and I believe even baseball, perhaps to a somewhat lesser but still significant degree)???

And since both NYC and NYPD are "majority/minority", with white cops now constituting a minority, will they be entitled to preferential treatment for allegations of discrimination against them (disproportionality, promotions, etc.) in favor of what used to be the minority??

Naw, I didn't think so.
Just curious, but it again, I believe, only points up that race in America is still most definitely a one-way street, as it has been for a VERY long time.

Gary Fouse said...


The answer is all your questions is NO.