Thursday, January 15, 2015

Duke University Chapel to be Used for Muslim Prayers

Friday call for prayer will be heard on campus

Hat tip Breitbart

The symbolism of this could not be greater. The chapel at Duke University is the most recognizable and iconic part of that campus. And now every Friday the call to prayer from the steeple will be heard as the chapel is used for Muslim prayers. All in the name of inclusion and diversity.

And where will this courtesy be reciprocated? Nowhere-that's where.

Update: It appears that the university has now reversed this decision. Smart move. It would hardly be fitting for Sura 1 to be constantly recited in the chapel, a sura in which the supplicants ask God to guide them down the proper path-not the path of those who have incurred His wrath (Jews) or those who have lost their way (Christians).

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