Saturday, January 24, 2015

Disgusting Rant by National Lawyers Guild Activist Lamis Deek

Hat tip Pro-Israel Bay Bloggers

This week we reported on a revolting Jewish Voice for Peace disruption of a NY City Council meeting conducting a ceremony commemorating the liberation of Auschwitz.

Now comes some gal named Lamis Deek, an activist fro the National Lawyers Guild and self-described human rights attorney. She defends the disruption and refers to Councilman David Greenfield as "a pig" because he dared to blast the anarchists and "insult" Arab nations (by telling the truth, in my view).

Not only does this "attorney" need some schooling on the rule of law, it should be noted that the National lawyers Guild was founded in the 1930s as a legal arm of the Communist party USA. To this day the NLG jumps on any cause that is designed to make the US look evil. It is hardly surprising that the JVP and NLG would be in bed together.

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

The communist party members who were among the founders of NLG must be turning over in their graves. None of them would have countenanced such declasse juvenality. Mikhail Bakunin would have found it undisciplined (and he was an anarchist, not a communist). NLG has passed from a mass takeover by the Maoist cliques of the 1970s to the degeneracy of yuppie culture vultures. It bears no trace of its proud red past.