Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Daniel Greenfield on Muslim Anti-Semitism

Hat tip Frontpage Magazine

Daniel Greenfield, who writes in Frontpage Magazine, points out why Muslim anti-Semitism must be addressed.

As I commented in the reader thread, the Europeans are tolerating intolerance in the very name of tolerance. In the case of France, one would think the country of Voltaire, Descartes, and others would have figured out the philosophical contradiction by now. This is not something that began with the creation of Israel as some would like us to believe. Its basis-its foundation is in the religious texts of the Koran and the hadith.

Europeans are not racist by nature for the most part. Yet, they are acting cowardly in not putting a firm end to anti-Semitism that once again is raging across its continent. In this case, it is not Europeans themselves who are the main instigators. It is young male Muslim immigrants. Yet, there is a fear of publicly discussing this problem. In many countries, one may be prosecuted for hate speech for just pointing out the hate speech and hateful acts of Muslims. It is much more convenient to point to neo Nazi skin heads when they are the perpetrators or just refer to them as faceless youths.

Welcome to 1930s Europe.

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Squid said...

Greenfield does an outstanding job of exposing Islamic anti-Semitism, that has been around for 1500 years. As you said Gary, it is all over the Koran and Hadith. But do not forget the biography of Mohammad (Sira) which outlines Mohammad's warlord life and carnage across the Arabian peninsula.
For a very complete and comprehensive study of this topic, I suggest this 700 page book:
"The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism: From Sacred Texts to Solemn History", by Dr. Andrew Bostom