Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Carolyn Glick Dresses Down Danish Ambassador

Carolyn Glick is an assistant managing editor for the Jerusalem Post and an eloquent advocate for Israel's right to defend herself. Last month she participated in a panel discussion in Jerusalem hosted by the Post. In this exchange, Glick reacts angrily to comments by Danish ambassador Jesper Vahr when he said that Israel should "insist" that Europeans hold her to a double standard vis-a-vis the Palestinians. This is truly classic.

It is heartening to see a European diplomat-especially a Scandinavian diplomat- be taken down by Glick for their double standards and constant attacks against Israel when it defends itself. Glick is as eloquent when she speaks as when she writes.

I also noted that the despicable anti-Israel blog, Mondoweiss, posted this video as well, but calling Glick's performance a "meltdown". Not only that, the Mondoweiss article went to the trouble to put up several still shots showing Glick's facial expressions in an obvious attempt to portray her as having gone bonkers, so to speak. Such is the type of journalism that Mondoweiss practices.

Job well done, Carolyn.

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