Monday, January 12, 2015

BBC Interviewer Asks Jewish Marcher in Paris About "Palestinian Suffering at the Hands of Jews"

Hat tip Algemeiner

-Telegraph (UK)
"We are all Charlie Hedbdo, and we will never disarm."

That was the question BBC's Tim Willcox threw at a Parisian Jew during Sunday's march in Paris. Willcox's apology is ringing hollow because it's not the first time he has been guilty of such a comment.

And you wonder why Europe's Jews are leaving by the hundreds of thousands? The lesson of the Holocaust was that when the writing is on the wall, it is time to get out. One can only pray that last week was a turning point in Europe, but time will tell.

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Findalis said...

As I have been saying, the left will blame Israel and the Jews for every ill in the world. They have been blaming Jews for over 2000 years and why should they stop now.