Tuesday, December 23, 2014

What Bill De Blasio Thinks About the Police

If you want a taste of what NY Mayor Bill de Blasio thinks about the police, you need to know about the people he hires. Meet Tony Baker and Kicy Motley. This NY Post article goes back to April 2013 before de Blasio became mayor.

"A staffer in Public Advocate Bill de Blasio’s office quickly resigned from his city post yesterday after The Post uncovered a string of his vile tweets targeting Jews, women and cops.
Anthony “Tony” Baker took aim at Jews in particular while using the Twitter handle “Hyman Doodlesack,” including one tweet last year when Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was at the United Nations.
“AIPAC makes me want to be a Nazi,” Baker tweeted March 5 in a reference to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee."
"Just last month, de Blasio scolded campaign worker Kicy Motley after The Post found a series of vulgar tweets, including: “F–k. The. Police.”
Baker, too, tweeted, “kill the police,” on Aug. 19, 2012."
That is how much respect Bill de Blasio has for the police.


Squid said...

Thanks for exposing DeBlasio for what he is, a Marxist who allows anarchy in his city. His record follows him as he supported Marxists in the past. This must be very stressful to DeBlasio, as the expose continues. What is very interesting is the fact that the NY protest organizer, ANSWER, is funded by a group that is funded by the Tides foundation, Soros group. A socialist group will bring down the Marxist Mayor, as New Yorkers get feed up with them shutting down Christmas and future venues.
Poor stressed out DeBlsio will have to take a vacation in Cuba, where he hd his honeymoon years back.


Gary Fouse said...

ANSWER is a far left wing, anarchist group that will turn out for any protest that is anti-American. They participated in some of the protests this summer against Israel.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

Seems he's firing people when these covert remarks are uncovered. You got a problem with that?