Monday, December 22, 2014

Victory in University of California

Congratulations go out to the AMCHA Initiative for achieving a monumental victory in the battle 
against campus indoctrination and anti-Semitism. The University of California, which had 
previously ordered that graduate teaching assistants could not use the classroom as a soapbox to 
wage their campaign on behalf of the boycott, divest and sanctions movement against Israel, has 
now advised that this policy extends to full-time faculty as well. 

Below is the announcement from the AMCHA Initiative, which had sought clarification from the 
University of California on this policy. It contains the affirmative response from UC Provost Aimee 

As I read this, I believe this has even greater significance. Below is the UC Policy on Course Content,which Provost Dorr referenced in her 

Note that this policy is not directed at any specific issue. It applies across the board. Teachers are not to
use their classrooms as a soapbox to spout their views of the world. Of course, we can expect the howls of protest that will surely follow that their academic freedom is being violated. Nonsense. They are free to write whatever books they want and express their views at campus events outside the classroom.
Will professors try to get around this or violate it altogether? Of course. It will take some courageous students to speak out when they are being subjected to indoctrination. It will be up to the university to hold their feet to the fire. It will also be up to the rest of us to hold the university's feet to the fire.
Hopefully, this case can be a template to be used in reforming other universities around the country. 

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

This makes perfect sense.