Monday, December 29, 2014

The "Hate Crime" That Wasn't

Hat tip Creeping Sharia and PJ Media

On Christmas Day in Fresno, California, there was a case of vandalism at the local Islamic center (mosque). Seven windows were broken and an American flag inside was doused with bleach. The local police chief, Jerry Dyer, said it was a hate crime. Then they caught the culprit.

Asif Mohammad Khan (former member of the mosque)

This is not an isolated case. While it apparently was no hoax, we have seen cases where such "attacks" against mosques were later found to be just that-hoaxes. Of course, one actual hateful attack on a mosque is one too many, but fortunately, such cases are rare. Civilized people don't do such things. In the Middle East and places like Pakistan, where Christian churches and Christians themselves are being attacked with regularity, that's unfortunately not the case.

At any rate, there was no hate crime in Fresno-unless you want to call it a "self-hate" crime. I would respectfully request that the Islamophobia Research and Documentation Center at the University of California at Berkeley delete this from their files.


Squid said...

Asif Mohammad Khan is only trying to kick up some stats for Mosque destruction so the FBI has some hate crime to report, which is at one of the lowest in the land for Muslim bashing.


Siarlys Jenkins said...

Even if it was done by a Muslim, it certainly reflects hatred of some sort.